Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies


The Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies was founded in 2013 as host to the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context: The Dynamics of Transculturality”. Since the end of the Cluster Asia and Europe in 2019, the HCTS has continued to foster research and teaching with a transcultural agenda.

Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies

Together with the Institute of Anthropology (IfE), the Centre for East Asian Studies (ZO), and the South Asia Institute (SAI), the HCTS forms the Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS). CATS opened in early summer 2019 with its brand new library at the core.


The HCTS encourages and supports ideas for research committed to further test the potential of the transcultural approach in new fields.


The transcultural agenda at the HCTS is transmitted to generations of students and young scholars through its study programs, the Master's and Graduate Programme in Transcultural Studies. Our teaching is firmly rooted in our current research, thus providing students with cutting-edge primary sources as well as up-to-date theoretical and methodological approaches.