Studying at the HCTS is firmly based on its research agenda. In our Master's and Doctoral Programs we invite students to go beyond their disciplinary, regionally focused primary training and to engage with new fields, theories and methodologies directly coming from our transcultural research. We strongly believe that any transcultural approach requires a thorough disciplinary grounding - and thus do not offer a Bachelor's degree.

Master's Program (MATS)

Students in the Master’s Program in Transcultural Studies learn about cultural exchange processes, transformations and interweavings between, or in, Asia and Europe. The transregional approach applied in Transcultural Studies questions traditional ideas about cultures in ethnically contained, linguistically homogenous and territorially limited areas. Based on their disciplinary background, students get introduced to the toolbox of transcultural theories and methodologies, and learn to apply it to cutting-edge material in a research-based course curriculum.

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MATS Fachschaft

The Fachschaft represents the MATS student body, and is itself part of the StuRa which represents the student body of the entire university. It is represents the peer group for students and is their first contact in all matters of studies and student life. As such, it has two yearly budgets that can be used for either casual extracurricular events or study-related additions to the institute's curriculum.

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Doctoral Program (GPTS)

In our three-year doctoral program, candidates are trained to develop and implement their individual research project with a firm transcultural approach as the basis. In taught courses and research colloquia they are made familiar with relevant theoretical discussions and methodological frameworks, so that they can translate and use them in their own work. Candidates are further supported in developing their research-related soft skills and career planning.

In yearly application rounds we welcome candidates with an excellent master's degree in a discipline of the Humanities or Social Sciences who are keen to explore their research ideas beyond the traditional disciplinary and regional boundaries.

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Double Doctoral Degree Program (Venice)

In addition to the GPTS (above) the HCTS caters to the Double Doctoral Degree Program in Asian and Transcultural Studies, which is hosted by the Faculty of Philosophy at Heidelberg University and the Department of Asian and North African Studies at Ca' Foscari University Venice.

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