StudiesMATS Fachschaft (Student Council)

The Fachschaft represents the MATS student body, and is itself part of the Stura which represents the student body of the entire university. As such, we have two yearly budgets that we can use for either casual extracurricular events or study-related additions to the institute's curriculum.

What we do

As part of the Fachschaft you can organize events and collaborate with other study programs. You can throw parties, host a potluck, or plan a group day trip together. You can platform each others’ art, buy fun tech (i.e. a karaoke machine) for us to use during events or even make your own MATS Fachschaft merchandise!

With the budget allocated to study-related endeavors, you can create new courses, bring in new lecturers, or buy books & databases. You can also plan and go on academic excursions or even organize a research conference!

Fachschaft Events

The MATS Fachschaft & Fachschaftsrat are always planning events for you! If you're interested to see what we have in store for you this semester, look no further:

Upcoming and past Fachschaft events

Fachschaftsrat & Fachrat

The Fachschaftsrat is a board of elected student representatives from the student body of the MATS. We are here to support students with any problems they may have - academic or personal. We’ve been around the block, so please reach out if you need anything. The Fachrat represents the students at the faculty table. Once a semester our elected Fachräte sit in the institute meeting with the professors, lecturers, and the administrative staff.

Learn more about Fachschaftsrat & Fachrat here

The Mobility Semester

The preparations for the mobility semester can start as early as the first semester, read below for information and students' experiences on study exchanges, joint degree programs, and internship options. The Fachschaft wants to give advice to students who are currently thinking about applying for a study-abroad program. If you are looking for some firsthand experience reports or guidance about application processes, this is the place to look!

The Mobility Semester: Study Abroad & Internship Option

Become part of the team

Fachschaft members happily jumping in front of KJC entrance

Take control of your program & time together! As long as it’s by and for the MATS student body and follows the necessary rules, your ideas can substantially form how you bond with one another and how you learn, in and out of the classroom. 

For more info, have a look at the Fachschaft introduction slides from the Orientation Day Wintersemester 2023/24:

Orientation WiSe 2023/24