Master's Program (MATS)Enrolment, Fees, Living


All applicants will be notified via email after the admission board has finalized its decision. Successful applicants receive the letter of admission – in most cases in July – via the online application system heiCO. Please note that for this purpose it is very important to enter a correct email address in heiCO! The electronic letter of admission provides further information about the enrolment procedure and the documents required. It also contains information for international students for the visa application. For the start of the first teaching term of the MATS in the winter semester (mid-October) students usually enroll at the turn of September/October. 

Tuition Fees

An administrative semester fee is imposed by Heidelberg University for each semester, and must be paid by all students. Furthermore, as of winter semester 2017/18 international students from non-EU or non-EEA countries enrolled in a Bachelor program or consecutive Master's program in Baden-Württemberg are subject to tuition fees.
Tuition fees must also be paid by all German and international students studying for a second degree. Under certain conditions, 

Living in/around Heidelberg

Heidelberg is considered to be the traditional university town in Germany with a tradition of student life going back to the university's foundation in 1386. Almost 25% of its 160.000 inhabitants are university members with currently 30.000 students enrolled. Student life is thus active and multi-facetted.
However, Heidelberg is also known for rather high costs of living, especially in terms of accommodation. Generally, space for living within town is limited, as are the available student dorms. Moving here thus requires a good deal of planning. The university provides a lot of information and support for its students, the Studierendenwerk administers the student dorms of the university.
Financial support is possible through a variety of scholarhips that can be found on the university's website as well as in the comprehensive scholarship database of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).