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Due to a change in state law on universities the quality funds are discontinued from 30 September 2015. As a result the committee has been dissolved.

Funds to Secure the Quality in Studying and Teaching

Since the summer semester 2012 the state government of Baden-Württemberg provides funds to compensate the former student fees. These funds are meant to be spent "to secure and improve the quality in studying and teaching", and amount to 280,- EUR per student (major). More general information and guidelines (in German) can be accessed here.


A committee meets at least once every semester to decide on a plan how to spend the available funds. This budgetary plan plan has to be approved of by the faculty before it can be implemented. Each semester an account of expenses is made for the preceding semester. The minutes to these meetings are provided below.

The committee consists of a majority of student representatives. Decisions have to be made by a double majority, i.e. a majority of all votes and a majority of votes of the student representatives. The current members are



Marian Gallenkamp &
Takuma Melber
Karl Jaspers Centre
Voßstr. 2, Building 4400
69115 Heidelberg
Tel: +49 - (0)6221 / 54 4362
Fax: +49 - (0)6221 / 54 4012