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What and who is the Fachschaftsrat

The Fachschaftsrat is a board of elected student representatives from the student body of the MATS. We are here to support students with any problems they may have - academic or personal. We’ve been around the block, so please reach out if you need anything. 

The current Fachschaftsrat is:

  • Sophie Bisping
  • Michal Chabinski
  • Sharon Chi
  • Rashaad Eshack
  • Emily Hyatt
  • Radha Malkar
  • Lizeth Ortiz Carreño
  • Emily Tsui
  • Benedikt Wirth

We believe in transparency. We have many meetings to plan future events and we would love for you to join. Anyone is always welcome. Examples of events we’ve held include Movie Nights, peer paper exchanges, coffee giveaways and larger events such as parties and celebrations. If you are interested in any of these events or have ideas for more, please never hesistate to reach out. 

The Fachschaftsrat meets regularly, meeting times and dates are announced via email, on facebook and on the blackboard in the entrance of the Karl-Jaspers-Centre. The meetings are public and students are welcome to join and talk about current issues. Personal topics can be addressed in a more private setting if necessary. If you are not sure if your matter fits, just come and talk to us and we will find a way to help you out!

The Fachschaftsrat offers Office Hours starting February 13th 2019. You can find us every other Wednesday from 6-8pm in room 112 of the HCTS.

The Fachschaftsrat also works to improve and establish a transparent flow of information. Fachschaftsrat meetings bring together the different MATS student representatives of the Fachrat and the StuRa, so they can talk about any decisions made at these panels. If you would like to articulate your opinion, demands or concerns to any of these representatives, or to the Fachschaftrat in general, please feel free to join in the meetings or contact us via email.

You can contact any of us at the email:

How to get in touch:


For information on meeting time and place, please visit Facebook, look into the calendar at the MATS blackboard in the entrance of the KJC or talk to us.

In person:

We are looking forward to talking to you.



Please send a private message to one of the administrators to confirm that you are a student of MATS, and we will gladly accept you into the group.