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Programme Coordination

Marian Gallenkamp and Takuma Melber are responsible for the programme’s general coordination, administration and applications management.

Takuma Melber is in charge of the teaching coordination and planning of the MA TS and the main contact person for the programme's academic staff.

Marian Gallenkamp provides general academic guidance for current and aspiring students of the programme and is in charge of the MA TS examination office.

General Academic Guidance

The MATS Examination Office provides guidance for students as well as prospective students on all general matters of their studies, from the application process to matters of study planning and going abroad.

Consultation hours: Wed 1 - 2 pm in room 222 at the KJC

If you cannot make this time-slot due to classes or work, it is generally possible to find an alternative time-slot. Making an appointment via email is in any case mandatory!

You may also want to consult the following documents (PDFs!):

The study plan for Transcultural Studies as major and minor as well as the programme's Terms and Regulations can be found under Documents & Links.

For general information on your student status (enrolment, leave of absence, etc.), please contact the central student administration. Also please be advised that the coordinator cannot provide specific academic guidance. If you need help to, e.g., find the right exchange programme to prepare you for your master thesis, please contact your academic advisor, i.e. your supervisor.

'Scheine' (course certificates)

Since the winter term 2016/17, MATS students no longer receive printed course certificates. All lecturers submit grading lists to the MATS Examination Office and should inform students about their results. Students from other institutes will continue to receive paper 'Scheins'.

The record of your course work prior to WS 2016/17 is kept through certificates for your individual classes, the 'Scheine'.

You can print out this form, fill out both copies and hand the form in to your respective lecturer together with your term paper or at the end of the class.
For students who are not fluent in German, the PDF has mouse-overs in English! You might have to open the file outside of your browser, to use this function.

Your lecturer will then hand back the completed 'Schein' to you or deposit it with her/his secretary. If they are not available to do so (external lecturers, lecturers that are not affiliated with any of the chairs), you may pick up your 'Schein' at the MATS Office at the following times: Wed 12pm - 2pm in room 223 at the KJC.

Please be advised that 'Scheine' can only be submitted/picked up during these time-slots!

Transcript of Records

Note: Students enrolled in the new Terms and Regulations of Examination (since WS 2016/17) can simply request a transcript via email.

Together with the graduation certificates a transcript of records will be issued automatically. If you need a preliminary transcript before then, e.g. for an application, the programme coordinator can issue you one. To do so, please hand in on paper or via email:

  • copies or scans of all "Scheine" you have received so far
  • a list of all courses you have taken so far during your studies, including the current semester (please us this template)

This list has to include the complete and official title of your courses as given on LSF, the course type, the SWS (teaching hours per week) and the full name and, if applicable, academic title of the lecturer(s). Please use the above mentioned template!

Please plan at least 3 working days for the processing of your transcript. Depending on the work load of the coordination office the process might also take up to a week.

Confirmation of your status as MATS student

To prove your general status as student of Heidelberg University, please use your official student ID card and the matriculation certificates you can download via LSF!

The programme coordination office can issue you a confirmation specifically on your status as student of the M.A. Transcultural Studies. To do so please provide the following information in writing:

  • What is the specific reason for the letter?
  • Should the letter be in German or English?
  • Do you have a specific contact person? (If so, please provide their full name and postal address)

Please plan at least 3 working days for the processing of such a letter. Depending on the work load of the coordination office this might also take up to a week.

International students might at one point need to prove their study progress to extend their visa. This is coordinated by Heidelberg University's International Office, specifically Mrs. Gaberiele Monzel. They will provide you with all the necessary information and forms. Part of this is the so called "Studienstandsbescheinigung" (confirmation of study progress) which is to be filled out by the programme coordination. Please hand in - together with this form the same material as for a transcript, i.e.:

  • copies or scans of all "Scheine" you have received so far
  • a list of all course you have taken during your studies, including the current semester (please use this template)

Please plan at least 3 working days for the processing of this form! Depending on the work load of the coordination office this might also take up to a week.



Schein Hours

Wed: 12.00 AM to 2.00 PM
Room 223

For a consultation please arrange an appointment by e-mail to

Please note that emailing in advance is mandatory for all students including potential students if they would like to have an appointment.


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Takuma Melber
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