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Eligible Supervisors

Below you find a list of academic staff who are authorised to serve as supervisor/reader for your master's thesis. Please make sure to always contact them well in advance, i.e. in the planning stages of your master's thesis! We also highly recommend that you have attended at least one course with them so they already know you and vice versa.

If you are uncertain who might be the right choice for you or would like input on your thesis idea, please contact your focus advisor.

1) Cluster Professors and habilitated staff

2) on individual basis: lecturers with the academic title "Prof. Dr." or "PD Dr." from other institutes at Heidelberg University

Please be advised that one of your supervisors should be a lecturer under point 1), i.e. a professor at the Cluster!

3) upon individual application: junior research group leaders (JRGL)

Please be advised that JRGL may only serve as your reader by way of exception. You must have attended at least one seminar with the JRGL and your thesis topic must have a close connection to their teaching and research. 

You must send a formal request to the examination board of the MA TS before your register for your master's thesis! So make sure to contact them well in advance! For further information on the requirements and procedure please contact the MA TS Office at

4) academic staff with the specific authority to examine within the MA TS

The requirements for supervision by the JRGL (see above) apply!