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Academic Staff

The core courses of the M.A. Transcultural Studies are taught by the Cluster’s seven professors and their academic staff. In addition, post-doctoral researchers are the Cluster and at partner institutes are also involved in our teaching.

To learn who of our academic staff can serve as supervisor for your master's thesis please inform yourselves here. To learn about who can help you find the right supervisor and support you in your study planning over-all, read here about your focus advisors.


Buddhist Studies
Prof. Dr. Michael Radich
Dr. Ruixuan Chen

Cultural Economic History
Prof. Dr. Harald Fuess
Dr. Takahiro Yamamoto

Global Art History
Prof. Dr. Monica Juneja
Jennifer Pochodzalla, M.A. (currently substituting Dr. Franziska Koch)

Intellectual History
Prof. Dr. Joachim Kurtz
Dr. Martin Hofmann

Visual and Media Anthropology
Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius holds the chair for VMA. With a particular interest in transculturality, visuality and media, her ongoing research and teaching focuses on urbanisation, migration, contemporary art and cultures of ageing in South Asia.
Dr. Cathrine Bublatzky, assistant to the chair, works on contemporary art and museum/exhibiting cultures, as well as a on a wide range of visual practices such as photography or social media. Her main regions of expertise are South Asia and Europe.

Start-Up Professor (Social Sciences)
Prof. Dr. Christian Förster teaches Civil, Economic and Comparative Law. He examines the flow from Western law – with Germany being the major point of origin – to East Asian legal systems (Japan, South Korea and China) as well as inner-Asian commonalities and differences in their reception and transformation of foreign legal thought.

Programme Coordination & Administration

Takuma Melber is responsible for the programme’s general coordination, administration and applications management. He provides general academic guidance for current and aspiring students of the programme. Furthermore, he is in charge of the teaching coordination and planning of the MA TS and the main contact person for the programme's academic staff and the GPA.

You can find general information on exam procedures and on how to obtain official documents, e.g. a transcript of records, under administration and in our download section. Please make sure to first read this information carefully before you contact Dr. Melber.

All questions and/or requests to the programme coordination must be send from your student email accounts so we can be certain of your identity.



For a consultation please arrange an appointment by e-mail to

Please note that emailing in advance is mandatory for all students including potential students if they would like to have an appointment.


Takuma Melber
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