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Doctoral Project

Transcultural Urban Landscape: Towards Reading Spatial Images of Sarajevo
Aida Murtic (M.A.)

The project seeks to explore transcultural urban landscapes both as a condition of cultural relationality and a physical setting where urban and architectural forms are not just assembled but also domesticated. It turns towards analysing the ways in which transcultural encounters in the city of Sarajevo have been represented by spatial images that appropriate and reflect what is usually seen as different and binary opposite: Western and non-Western, Occidental and Oriental, historically imperial and contemporary national. The work introduces a longer sequence of thought and deals with the case of Sarajevo as an urban miniature - a model that in a very small scale illustrates the process of appropriating differences in order to make them part of general.

The analysis evolves around two general themes: architectural spaces and representation of spaces. Two multivocal spatial images as well as framework of implications and interpretations surrounding them are seen as worthy to be examined: Ottoman-built Bazaar district and Habsburg-built Downtown district.

Using mixed-methodology that integrates historical, qualitative and visual research methods, the project expects to open up new lines of consideration in exposing dialogic dimensions of architectural spaces emerging from multi-referential contexts and developing multidimensional relations to time.