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Mandatory Courses

The structured doctoral programme of the GPTS runs for a maximum of three years. While the second year does not include any mandatory courses, but is dedicated to the collection and analysis of the relevant data, doctoral students have to attend a number of courses during the first and third year. These courses in the form of seminars, reading classes and colloquiums, are designed to make them familiar with the theoretically transcultural and methodologically interdisciplinary approach of the Cluster.
In addition, workshops train the doctoral students to plan and manage their project and express their results in a fluent academic language. A table of the mandatory courses per term can be found below.

Additional Courses

In addition to the mandatory courses, doctoral students are required to attend regular meetings or colloquiums within the Research Area or project which they are affiliated with. Where necessary or useful in regard to their research, they may attend other courses from the general curriculum of the University (language courses etc.). Doctoral students are specifically encouraged to make use of the seminar programme organised by the Graduate Academy. The programme can be found here.
They are also advised to have regular meetings with their supervisor and mentors.

First Year, Winter Term
Seminar: "Introduction to the Research Environment"
Reading Course: "Transcultural Theories"
Research Colloquium: "Transcultural Studies - Disciplinary Approaches I"
Workshop: "Strategies for a Successful Doctorate"
General Meeting / Jour Fixe
First Year, Summer Term
Workshop: "Academic Writing in English"
Research Colloquium: "Transcultural Studies - Disciplinary Approaches II"
Seminar: "From Theory to Practice"
General Meeting / Jour Fixe
Second Year, Winter Term Research Term
No mandatory courses!  
Second Year, Summer Term Research Term
Workshop: Presentation of Projects  
Third Year, Winter Term
Research Colloquium
Workshop: "Writing-Up and Presentation of Results"
General Meeting / Jour Fixe
Third Year, Summer Term
Research Colloquium
General Meeting / Jour Fixe


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