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Application Rounds

The GPTS generally welcomes applications for doctoral scholarships for each winter term. A call for applications is issued at the beginning of each year, the deadline is usually around the middle of March.

Please visit our website regularly for new application announcements.

Application Requirements

Applicants must hold an M.A. or equivalent in a discipline of the humanities or social sciences with an above-average grade (at least 1.7, B+, 2+, "magna cum laude", or equivalent).

The degree has to reflect at least five years of study at university level. Applicants who plan to graduate in 2016 must provide a university transcript that clearly indicates the progress to degree.

Documents should be submitted in English, German, French or Italian. Documents in other languages should be submitted as certified translations into English or German.

Application Process

The application process consists of four parts.

1. Applicants have to register and log into the Online Application System of the GPTS. Further guidelines will be available after login. During the application process you may always save your data at any time and return to the online system at a later date (changes are possible until you submit or the deadline ends). Through the system applicants are required to provide

  • proof of their M.A. (or equivalent) with a transcript of courses and grades (NOTE: If the degree is still pending, applicants have to provide a detailed transcript of courses, indicating the progress to degree)
  • two letters of reference (through the system)
  • an abstract of the proposed doctoral project with a working plan
  • a letter of intention
  • proof of language skills (English, e.g. score of 110 in Internet based TOEFL, score of 7 in IELTS, other methods of proof also acceptable)
  • further information about their education, work experience and other skills
  • possible supervisor from the Cluster.

The proposed doctoral project must have clear connections to the general research framework of the Cluster. Suitable supervisors may be found amongst the five Professorships and senior researchers involved in the projects of the Cluster.

2. After an initial evaluation and selection, applicants will be asked to contact suitable supervisors at the Cluster to discuss their proposed projects.

3. The most promising applicants will be invited to present their projects to the selection committee. The interviews will be held via Skype or in Heidelberg. Notifications on this can be expected towards the end of April or the beginning of May.

4. Subsequent to the interviews, the scholarship holders will be selected.