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GPTS Colloquium - Winter Semester 2018/19

The GPTS Colloquium serves as a platform for doctoral candidates to present their projects and receive feedback from peers, supervisors and other researchers. The colloquium is organised by the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies (GPTS).

Participation is mandatory for GPTS candidates in their first and third year in the programme. However, the colloquium is open to all doctoral candidates of the HCTS/Cluster and welcomes guest presentations by doctoral students from other institutes who work on a topic close to the HCTS/Cluster’s transcultural framework. For further information, please contact the GPTS Coordinator, Dr. Jule Nowoitnick.

All HCTS/Cluster members are very welcome to participate as member of the audience! Please register with the coordinator in advance so you receive the preparatory material for the individual sessions.



29.11.2018 , 16:0018:00h, KJC 212

Aida MURTIC (GPTS-8): "Archi(ve)texture of Baščaršija: Coming to terms with Sarajevo's urban pasts"

Guiliana REGNOLI (Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”/Heidelberg University): "Sociolinguistic Research Methods in the Indian Diaspora: An Investigation into Folk Scrutiny and Dialectal Variation"


17.01.2019, 15:0018:00h, KJC 212

Theresa DEICHERT (GPTS-10): “Present-Potential Future Ecologies: Contemporary Japanese Art and the 3/11 Disaster”

Sijia CHENG (GPTS-8): “Consuming Fecal Matters: A Cultural and Environmental History of Bodily Waste in Late Imperial China”

Judhajit SARKAR (GPTS-10): “The Formation of Transcultural Consciousness: The Progressive-Modernist Period of South Asian Poetry (1930-1950)”


24.01.2019, 14:0018:00h, KJC 212

Egor Novikov (GPTS-10): “Sacred Dirt of Kolkata: Transgressive Experiences of Volunteering in the Shelters for Sick and Destitute”

Julia MAY (GPTS-10): “Self-empowerment of Right-Wing Women in Japan and Europe through Transnational Networking. Redefining Gender Roles within a Neo-Nationalist Framework”

Kyonghee LEE (HERA/GPTS-8): “Visions of Rural Self-Governance in East Asia in the Interwar Period”

Pattrick PIEL (GPTS-10): “Transcultural Experiences and Discourses on ‘Nomadic’ Rule in Latin Europe and China”


31.01.2019, 15:0018:00h, KJC 212

Nina DE FOREST (GPTS-10): "Global Flows of Pedagogies: The Transformation of Jiddu Krishnamurti’s Educational Approach"

Dikshya KARKI (GPTS-8): “Cinematic Kathmandu”

Lisa LINDKVIST ZHANG (GPTS-8): “Indian Philosophy in Late Qing and Early Republican China”