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Cluster Colloquium for PhDs & PostDocs Winter Term 2014/15 (coordinated by B.-O. Kamm) Monday, 16-18, room 212

Berg, Esther (JRG B21): Transcultural Dynamics of Christian Small Group Practice.
Eickelbeck, Felix (GPTS-5): Protecting Animals? Divine Violence, Sacred Life and the Cruelty Legislation in Colonial India.

Harles, Marlene (GPTS-6): Collectives, localities and networks in the emerging contemporary art scenes of Nepal and Bangladesh.
Xu, Chun (GPTS-4): Water Hazards and the Cultures of Disaster in Yunnan (1300 - 1700).

Liebisch, Carolin (A13): Turkish Diplomats and the Representation of “Modern Turkey” in International Organizations.
De Rooj, Martijn (GPTS-4): Shifting Art Frames in Kolkata.

Merida, Tarik (GPTS-6): The Elusive Champion – Japanese Aspirations against African American and Vietnamese Hopes in the Context of White Supremacy.

Poerting, Julia (JRG C15): Certifying Futures? Knowledge, Practices and Governance of Organic Agriculture in Pakistan.
Haldule, Saee (JRG C15): Cultivating Heritage: Alternative seed networks and social change in contemporary agrarian India.

Gasparini, Mariachiara (GPTS-4): De-coding Central Asian Textiles. The transfer of Northern Silk Road textile imagery onto European Surfaces. From the Tarim to Mediterranean Basin.
Pochodzalla, Jennifer (GPTS-6): The ‘Fertile Crescent’ as architectural playground for a new ruling elite.

Chen, Cheng-wei (GPTS-6): Taiwan as a Transcultural Battlefront: Dialogues and Conflicts between Transcultural Legal and Feminist Discourses (1968-1987).
Graf, Emily (GPTS-4): Author Museums in Transcultural Perspective.

12.01.2015 (begins at 16:00 sharp)
Yu, Yusen (GPTS-6): Timurid Chinoiserie: Cultural and Artistic Exchanges between the Timurid Persia and the Ming China.
Rode, Katharina (GPTS-6): The changing evaluation of copies in Japanese painting at the end of the 19th century.
Fadaeiresketi, Faryaneh (GPTS-6): Of War and Poetry: Japanese Haiku in a Persian Dress.

Okropiridze, Dimitry (GPTS-6): The semiotic and Material Dimension of Transculturality – Historicizing the Kuṇḍalinī-Phenomenon as a Key Term in Psychosomatic Self-Conceptions from the 19th to the 21st Centuries.
Sauer, Kristina (MC 8.1): Economy and Society in Uruk era Mesopotamia.

Niebuhr, Frances (MC 9.2): Waterscapes: Flood Events on the Ganges.
Stepan, Lea (MC 9.3): Water as a contested element in Bali.

Schoepfel-Aboukrat, Ann-Sophie (GPTS 4): Legal flows and decolonization: French war crimes trials policy in Saigon and Tokyo (1945-1951).
Breitfeld, Juliane (RG: Transcultural Heritage of Northwest Australia): Australian Rock Art in the Kimberley-a contested landscape.