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Cluster Colloquium for PhDs & PostDocs Winter Term 2013/14 (coordinated by B.-O. Kamm) Tuesday, 16-18, room 112

Banse, Christiane (Project MC7): Buddhist Charity Policy in Modern Japan.
Deininger, Matthias (Project B21): Transcultural Dynamics of Pentecostal Mission Networks in the Straits.

Torno, Swetlana (Project C16): The Influence of Male Labour Migration on the Course of and Events Surrounding Women's Life Cycle in Tajikistan.
Kazemi, Said Reza (Project C16): Social Networks, Global Migration and the Impact on Local Family Structure and Culture in Afghanistan.

Haldule, Saee (Project C15): Cultivating Heritage: Alternative seed networks and social change in contemporary agrarian India.
Sarkar, Oyndrila (GPTS 5): The Great Trigonometrical Survey of India and the Mapping Spaces in Assam 1820-1890.

Chen, Ping-Heng (GPTS 5): Japanese Photography in Guatemala: Transcultural Visuality and the Migrant Life of Yasu Kohei.
Agarwal, Saumya (GPTS 5): Mimesis, Alterity and the Entangled Representations of Colonial Modernity in the Wall Paintings of Shekhawati.

Zabarskaite, Jolita (GPTS 5): The Past in the Present: Ancient History and its Importance to Indian and Maritime Southeast Asian Narratives of Identity.
Chatterjee, Sukla (GPTS 3): Advertisements in Colonial Bengal and Creation of Body Utopia.

Bogdonova, Eugenia (GPTS 3): The Transcultural Art of Bokujinkai Group.
Straube, Christian (Frankfurt): Copper mines in a cultural borderland: Sino-African encounters on the African Copperbelt.

Lume Pereira, Federica (GPTS 5): Transfer of Knowledge and Materials between the Near East and South Asia in the Late Fourth and Early Third Millennium B.C.
Paralkar, Anil (GPTS 5): Changes in European dietetics following the European spice trade with Asia.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: This colloquium session starts at 17:00 sharp (s.t.).]
B., Matthias (GPTS 3): Between Science and Superstition: Spirit-Writing Organizations in Early Republican China and their Quest for Legitimacy.

Bernroider, Lucie (HERA-project): Political Protest and Gendered Urban Space in Delhi.
Eickelbeck, Felix (GPTS 5): The Discourse on Cruelty to Animals in Colonial India in a Global Context. Between Imperialism, Racism and Animal Protection.

Sun, Anjie (GPTS 5): Conceptualizing Egypt in Roman Imperial Context: a Study on the Image of Egypt in Roman Discourse with a Special Focus on the Flavian Period.
Kamola, Jagoda (GPTS 3): Lam Qua's Portraits of Patients.

Barlas, Zara (GPTS 3): A Rendition of India: Aural and Visual Conceptualisations of Pre-Partition India in British Opera and Art in the Long Nineteenth Century.
Schouten, Lisette (GPTS 3): War Crime Trials in Indonesia (1945–1955).

Tontini, Roberta (Project A15): Schooling Monotheism - Islam and Christianity in Contemporary China.
Ishaq, Fiza (GPTS 5): Karbala Imagery in the Contact Zone.

Auberer, Benjamin (Project A13): Ultimate Backroom Boys? Diplomacy from the Stenographers’ and Typists’ Desk.
Holste, Timo (Project A13): The Internationalization of the “Girl Guide“ and “Boy Scout“-Movement in the Interwar-period.