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Cluster PhD colloquium winter term 2012/13 (Dr. K. von Lingen) Tuesday, 9-11, room 112


Martijn de Rooij: Straddling the boundaries of Kolkata’s art frames
Zara Barlas: Imagining India: Gendered Representations of India in British Opera and Painting (1850-1947)


Chiara Gasparini: The Turfan textile collection in Berlin. The transfer of northern Silk Road textile imagery onto Europe.
Ersin Mihci: Forging national music on both sides of the Aegean in the 19th and 20th century


Chun Xu: Shifting Perceptions and State Strategies towards Natural Hazards and Disasters in Late Imperial China.(1279‐1840)
Isabel Ching: Conceptualism in Myanmar, the Philippines and Singapore: 1960s – 1990s


Alexander Graf: Tibetan indigenous grammar: An examination of its grammatical and philosophical foundation in Indian vyākaraṇa and Buddhism based on Si tu Paṇ chen’s Great Commentary
Emily Graf: Author Museums in Transcultural Perspective – From Schiller’s National Museum to Lai He’s Writer’s Studio


Rudolph Ng: Labor Entangled: The Sino‐Spanish Coolie Network in a Transcultural Perspective
Yufei Zhou: The Reception History of K. A. Wittfogel in Japan and China - a comparative Study


Ann-Sophie Schoepfel: Legal Flows and Decolonization: French Trial policy in Tokyo and at Saigon, 1946-1953
Lisette Schouten: War Crime Trials in Indonesia (1945–1955) and their impact on decolonisation and transnational legal debates