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Cluster PhD colloquium winter term 2011/12 (Dr. K. von Lingen) Tuesday, 11-13, room 002/ library

Bidisha Chaudhuri: International Organisations and good governance: e-governance in India
Zara Barlas: Envisioning India: Gendered Representations of South Asia in British Music and Visual Art between the Eighteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Jessica Karagöl: Networking the World- the Media Discourse on Transport and Communication technologies and Global Flows of Information in Victorian Britain, 1835 - 1875
Lisette Schouten: War Crime Trials in Indonesia (1945–1955) and their impact on decolonisation and transnational legal debates

Ivan Sablin: Entanglements and Disentanglements in the Baikal Region: Actors, Networks and Interactions in a Transcultural Context, 1917–1923
Dhrupadi Chattopadhyay: Christian Convert literature of 19 century Bengal

Cheng Zhang: Visualizing Empire in the High Qing Court: European Material Culture and Qing Imperial Enterprise
Birte Herrmann: Riding the 'Great Wave of Democracy and Freedom?'" A transnational perspective on the Chinese protest movement 1985-89

Eugenia Bogdanova: "Transcultural art of the Avant-Garde Calligraphy of Bokujinkai group"
Jadwiga Kamola: Lam Qua’s Portraits of Patients – Approaches towards a Global “Negative Aestetics” in the 19th century

Marie Sander: A New Cosmopolitan Elite? An Ethnographic Study of Privileged Western Youth in Shanghai
Hasan Ashraf: Transnational Industrialization and Formation of Stress Amongst the Female Factory workers in Bangladesh:

Nicoletta Fazio: The Beast within? Madness and Mysticism in Islam and the Latin West, 14th-16th centuries
Fiza Ishaq: Karbala imagery in the contact zone

Mathias Burgau: From Heterodoxy to Superstition: Changing Religious Categories in China
Mareike Ohlberg: Overcoming Asymmetry: Managing sophisticated propaganda and information flows in 21st century China

Jule Nowoitnick: Chinggis Khaan in German Literature. Transfering historical and cultural knowledge
Lion König: Cultural Citizenship and the politic of censorship in post-colonial India

Yujie Zhu: Performing Heritage: Rethinking Authenticity in Tourism
Laila Abu-Er-Rub: The fair sex: the representation of western (wo)men in Indian media

Björn-Ole Kamm: Self- and Other-Labeling Processes surrounding "the otaku" — Global networks, identity- and role-playing (games) in Japan, Germany and the US
Julten Abdelhalim: Spaces for Jihad: Indian Muslims and Alternative Conceptions of Citizenship.