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PhD Colloquium, Winter semester 2010/11, Dr. Kerstin v. Lingen, Monday 10-12 h, KJC, room 112   

Transcultural flows: Case studies on Modernization processes in China and India

18.10. 2010
Introduction (Kerstin v. Lingen)
Patrick Frölicher: "Producing Punjabi Pop"

Susanne Hohler: " 'Believers of all faiths but the Jews …'  Anti-Semitism and Publics in Harbin"

Xin Yuan: "The Tale of Two Chinese Cities (Shanghai and Harbin), A Contrastive Study on the Cultural Connotation of Chinese Pidgin English and Chinese Pidgin Russian"

Gauri Parasher: "Indo-French relations during the Early Modern Period. Cultural Asymmetries in the Field of Politics and Governance"

Milinda Banerjee: "Nationizing Kings: Modern Indian Discourse on kingship as the basis of nationhood, 1858-1947 (with a primary focus on Bengal)"

Silke Bechler: "Religion on Stage: The Vedic Sacrifice (yajña) in New Public Spheres"

Prabhat Kumar: "The Literature of Satire: The Case of Hindi in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century"

Lisa Caviglia : "Sex (at) Work in Nepal: Discourses around sexuality, self perception and society"

Sridevi Padmanabhan: "Mobilities and Social networks: Mapping Mobile Phone use in Urban India"

Ravi Baghel: "The contested nature of rivers: Knowledge, power and the transformation of river systems in India"

Dhrupadi Chattopadhyay:  "Of Myths and Memories: The Christian convert literature of nineteenth century Bengal"

Laila Abu-Er-Rub: "The Fair Sex: The Representation of Western Women in Indian Media"

Takashi Saikawa: "From intellectual cooperation to International Cultural Exchange: Japan and China in the International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation, 1922-1939"

Roberta Tontini: "Muslim Three Character Classics: Shifts and Continuities in the Definition of Islam in China"

Markus Pauli: "The power of individual freedom as a concept and practice in development - Operationalisation of the capability approach for assessing the impact of poverty-oriented microfinance in India"

Amelia Bonea: " 'The cable [...] was not in my words': Telegraphy and Press in Nineteenth Century India"

Sven Mattiessen: "The Perception of the Philippines in Japanese pan-Asianism, 1868-1945"

Chaiti Basu : "Panchu Thakur: Indranath Bandyopadhyay's (1850-1911) Response to the Colonial Encounter in 19th Century Bengal"

Swareli Paranjape: "Emergence of Satire in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century Colonial Marathi Literature"

Verena Gander: "Die Geburt des Thronfolgers. Symbolische Kommunikation zwischen Dynastie und Nation in Frankreich." (Projekt A5: Nationising the Dynasty. Asymmetrical Flows in Conceptions of Government) (Vortrag auf deutsch)

Patrizia Kern: "Museums and memory politics in contemporary Turkey" (Vortrag auf deutsch)

Sarah Lüdecke: "Representations of Manzhouguo in Chinese History Textbooks. History Education and National Identity in 20th Century China"(Projekt A8 "Teaching Identity") (Vortrag auf deutsch)

Jule Nowoitnick: "Die Rezeption Chinggis Khaans in der deutschen Literatur des 20. Jahrhunderts im Kontext kulturellen Wissenstransfers" (Vortrag auf deutsch)