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Cluster Colloquium for PhDs & PostDocs Summer Term 2013 (Dr. K. von Lingen, B.-O. Kamm) Wednesday, 9-11, room 212

Silke Werth (UC Santa Barbara): Maturation goes Global: On the Experience of Uncertainty among Japanese Young Adults
Ann-Sophie Schoepfel (GPTS 4): Legal Flows and Decolonization: French Trial policy in Tokyo and at Saigon, 1946‐1953

Friederike Werner (MC 14): Aegyptiaca in early modern Europe and the phenomenon of Egyptomania
Sara Uckelman (MC 13): The Dialogical Turn: Logic and Argumentation in Medieval Europe and Medieval India

Natalie Eller (MC 11): Fearing the Future. Melancholy and thoughts on degeneration in fin de siècle Europe and Russia
Susanne Hohler (MC 6): Boris Tödtli - a Transcultural Fascist? Transnational fascist networks

Ersin Mihci (GPTS 4): Forging national music on both sides of the Aegean in the 19th and 20th century
Julia Poerting (C15): Certifying futures? Knowledge, Practices and Governance of Organic Agriculture in Pakistan

Martijn de Rooij (GPTS 4): Straddling the boundaries of Kolkata’s art frames
Emily Graf (GPTS 4): Author Museums in Transcultural Perspective – From Schiller’s National Museum to Lai He’s Writer’s Studio

Valentyna Polunina (A 16): Soviet War Crimes trials policy in the Far East and Soviet perceptions of International Law, 1939-1949: the law school of Aron Trainin and the Trial at Khabarovsk
Anja Bihler (A 16): Chinese War Crimes Trials Policy and interaction with the UN Sub-Commission at Chongqing, 1944-1947

Johanna de Schmidt (MC 12): Ship newspapers as mirrors of passenger’s life on intercontinental steamers
Esther Berg (B 21): Singaporean and Pentecostal - Transcultural Dynamics of Identity Formation

Constance von Rüden (MC 14): Materializing Memory in Bronze Age Crete
Anna Sawerthal (D 19): Bringing the world to Tibet: Babu Tharchin and his Tibetan newspaper “Melong”

Simon Cubelic (A 14): “Sarvoru Śarmans Vivādasārārṇava (1789) and the Formation of Anglo-Hindu Law: An Analysis of the Chapter on the Recovery of Debts (ṛṇādāna)”
Rajan Khatiwoda (A 14): “A Short Background History of the Muluki Ain of 1854, the First Systematized Legal Code of Nepal"

Corinna Forberg (MC 5): The Concept of the Copy
Chiara Gasparini (GPTS 4): The Turfan textile collection in Berlin. The transfer of northern Silk Road textile imagery onto Europe.