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PhD Colloquium, Sommersemester 2011, Dr. Kerstin v. Lingen, Monday 10-12 h, KJC, room 112

Transcultural flows: Case studies on Modernization processes (Schedule)

Short Introduction (Kerstin v. Lingen)
Matthias Liehr: “The asymmetric adoption of Greenspeak within the green public sphere in China“
Kuniyuki Terada: „International Order and Immigration problems: transcultural discourse on international migration, 1919-1945“

Sukla Chatterjee: 'From Nautch girls to Purdahnashins: Surveilled Bodies under the Imperial Gaze'
Eva Ambos: “Dancing the nation: Bodypolitics and Performance in Sri Lanka”

09.05.2011 (project A5 Nationising the Dynasty)
Julia Schneider: "The Development and Impact of the Sinicization Concept in Chinese historiography (1900–1930)."
Elise Wintz: “Two Dynasties, One Territory: English and French Dynasties in 15th Century Normandy”

Ulrike Büchsel: "Between Dynasty and Nation: Ritual and Representation in the Late Qing Period, ca. 1860-1911"
Pascal Firges: "Istanbul during the French Revolution" (A7)

Patrizia Kern: "Museums and memory politics in contemporary Turkey" (Vortrag auf deutsch)
Tobias Graf: "A sample of renegades active in the Ottoman Empire c.1580-1610", (Vortrag auf deutsch)

30.05.2011 (project A7 Ottoman Empire)
Christian Roth: "Non-Muslims dealing with the Ottoman kadi in the 18th century rural and urban Aegean", deutsch
Gülay Tulasoglu: "Ein europäischer Konsul im Osmanischen Reich zwischen Observanz und Partizipation: Charles Blunt, "His Majesty's Consul" in Saloniki am Vorabend der Tanzimat", deutsch

06.06.2011 (project C2/C8 large Dams)
Hanna Werner:  "Large dams, development and the question of modernity in India"
Alexander Erlewein: “The re-evaluation of dams in the context of climate change: debates, policies, consequences”

Hsin-Yi Li: “Studying abroad as a form of transcultural practice: a case of East-Asian students of Music in Germany” (Vortrag auf deutsch)
Svenja Nagel: "Der Isiskult im Römischen Reich: zum Transfer religiöser Konzepte in Text und Bild" (Vortrag auf deutsch)

04.07.2011 (project B2 Creative Dissonances)
Oliver Seibt:  “Everything you always wanted to know about Japanese Visual Rock (but were afraid to ask Lacan or Zizek)”
Michael Fuhr: "Sounding out the Wave": National Dreams and Global Streams of Korean Popular Music”

I-Wei Wu: “Reading asymmetries and flows: satirical pictures in Chinese illustrated newspapers and periodicals”
Ronald Chung-Yam Po: “Hai and Yang: Modeling the Maritime Space in Eighteenth Century China”