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GPTS Colloquium for Cluster PhDs Winter Term 2017/18

(Tuesdays, 16-18h, Room 212)

coordinated by J. Nowoitnick

Every semester, the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies (GPTS) coordinates a colloquium for doctoral candidates of the Cluster. The colloquium serves as platform to present your project and receive feedback from your peers and supervisors. All presenters have a slot of 45 minutes of which approx. 15-20 minutes are reserved for the presentation. If you want to present just one chapter of your dissertation, please make sure to still include a short introductory section in your presentation.

Participation is mandatory for GPTS candidates in their first and third year in the programme. However, the colloquium is open to all doctoral candidates of the Cluster and welcomes guest presentations by doctoral students from other institutes who work on a topic close to the Cluster’s transcultural framework.

If you are interested in presenting in one of the free slots (see below), please contact the GPTS lecturer, Jule Nowoitnick, via email at nowoitnick@asia-europe.uni-heidelberg.de or via phone at +49 (0) 6221 54 4009.





Daniela Cappello (GPTS-7): “Practicing and Performing Obscenity in Poetry: The Bengali Hungry Generation Movement” 


(public holiday)




Feng He (GPTS-7): “From Jingdezhen to Dresden: Transculturation of Chinese Narrative Porcelain in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries”

Bethany Hucks (GPTS-9): “Ebb and Flow: Multifaceted Exchanges and Sociocultural Dynamics between Imperial Rome and Protectorate Egypt as Expressed through Public and Private Aegyptiaca Romana”


Hua, Shuo (University of Hong Kong): “Hong Kong as Patron and Hub for
Mainland Chinese Contemporary Art since 1989”




Xinzi Rao (GPTS-7): “Bibles, Hymns, and Video Clips—Media Practices of Chinese Christians in Germany and France”

Roman Tsirulev (GPTS-9): “Russian Empire in the Far East: Colonialism and Nation Building in a European and Asian Empire”


(no session due to GPTS-9 project management workshop)



CHRISTMAS BREAK 23.12.2017 - 07.01.2018




Collin Rusneac (GPTS-9): “Japan in Romania in Global History: The Tripartite Pact as a Site of European-Asian Encounters"

Mengxi Zhao (GPTS-9): “Tracing the Circulation of Chinese Famine Relief Plant Books in Asia and Europe, ca. 1400–1900”


Chang Liu (GPTS-9): “Recording Industry's Wasted Moves: On the Transnational and Environmental Dimension of Recording Industry's Waste”


Maria Römer (GPTS-7): “Emotion and Écriture in Abe Kazushige's Early Fiction (1994-1999)”

Nandini Thilak (GPTS-9): “Inscribing the City: Women Patrons of Architecture in 18th and 19th century Jodhpur”