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Startup Professorships Transcultural Studies

The Cluster has established two start-up professorships in transcultural studies. In line with the Cluster's research focus they examine transcultural exchange processes within and between Asia and Europe from historical as well as contemporary perspectives. One professorship emphasizes a philological, historical approach, while the other focuses on the social sciences. The two professors develop the transcultural and transdisciplinary research potential and strengthen the Cluster’s abilities to handle transcultural issues that cross cultural, geographic, linguistic, and media borders. Further, they contribute to the teaching in the Master in Transcultural Studies and the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies.



Social Sciences

The new Startup Professorship (Social Sciences) employs a transcultural perspective to examine the interrelation between Western and Eastern legal systems. In addition it follows a multilateral approach to study the inner-Asian differences in the countries' reception and transformation of foreign legal thought.