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Below you will find an overview of publications that have emerged from the cluster "Asia and Europe in a Global Context". Titles can be sorted by year and type. A click on the title will take you to the publication's bibliographical information.

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Speziale, F.
D’Onofrio, S.
La congiunzione dei due oceani (Majma‘ al-baḥrayn) by Muhammad Dārā Shukoh Italian translation from Persian Introduction and notes by F. Speziale - S. D’Onofrio 2011
Simon, Udo
Schrode, Paula
Die Sunna leben. Zur Dynamik islamischer Religionspraxis in Deutschland 2012
Simon, Udo
Rösch, Petra
How Purity Is Made 2012
Simon, Udo
Langer, Robert
Quartier, Thomas
Snoek, Jan
Wiegers, Gerard
Ritual as a Source of Conflict 2011
Simon, Udo
Hüsken, Ute
Grimes, Ronald
Venbrux, Eric
Ritual Media and Conflict 2011
Simon, Udo Abdalqāahir al-Gurgāaniī 2009
Simon, Udo al-Harīiriī 2009
Simon, Udo Badr al-Dīin b. Māalik 2009
Simon, Udo Ibn al-Mu`tazz 2009
Simon, Udo Ibn an-Nadīim 2009
Simon, Udo Ibn Tufail 2009
Simon, Udo Islamische Religionspraxis in Deutschland als Forschungsaufgabe. Das Beispiel ritueller Reinheit und ihrer Interpretation 2012
Simon, Udo Reflexivity Media and Visuality. Section I Reflexivity and Discourse on Ritual 2011
Simon, Udo Reflexivity and Discourse on Ritual - Introductory Refexions 2011
Simon, Udo Ritualdesign bei Konvergenzritualen. Die Inszenierung eines christlich-islamischen Weihnachtsgottesdienstes 2012
Simon, Udo Sunni Concepts of Ritual Purity in a Contemporary Diaspora Context 2010
Simon, Udo “Why Purity?” 2012
Sibille, Christiane Art. "Music" 2009
Seibt, Oliver Der Sinn des Augenblicks Überlegungen zu einer Musikwissenschaft des Alltäglichen 2010
Schoettli, Jivanta Democracy Governance and Citizenship. A Comparative Perspective on Conceptual Flow 2011

Book on the First Russian Revolution

A new volume on the Russian revolution of 1905 is now available. In the book, this key event in the history of Russia is approached from a transcultural perspective, for the first time. It was co-edited by five scholars, including the two Cluster members Dr. Frank Grüner and Susanne Hohler.