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Below you will find an overview of publications that have emerged from the cluster "Asia and Europe in a Global Context". Titles can be sorted by year and type. A click on the title will take you to the publication's bibliographical information.

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Wagner, Rudolf G. Ritual Architecture Politics and Publicity during the Republic Enshrining Sun Yat-sen 2011
Wagner, Rudolf G. The Formation of Encyclopaedic Commonplaces During the Late Qing Entries on the Newspaper 2014
Wagner, Rudolf G. China Vom Quell zum Objekt der Aufklärung 2013
Wagner, Rudolf G. Encyclopedias 2009
Wagner, Rudolf G. Gordon Charles 2009
Wagner, Rudolf G. Hong Xiuquan 2009
Wagner, Rudolf G. Journalism 2009
Wagner, Rudolf G. Major Ernest 2009
Wagner, Rudolf G. Secularization Confucianism and Buddhism 2009
Wagner, Rudolf G. Taiping Uprising 2009
Wagner, Rudolf G. The Zhouli as the Late Qing Path to the Future 2010
Wagner, Rudolf G. Women in Shenbaoguan Publications 1872-1890 2008
Voogt, Alexander J. de
Quack, Joachim Friedrich
The Idea of Writing Writing Across Borders 2012
von Rüden, Constance Beyond the East-West Dichotomy in Syrian and Levantine Wall Paintings 2013
Volkmann, Armin Spätgermanische Funde vom altslawischen Burgwall bei Kopschin (Lkr. Bautzen) 2013
Viehbeck, Markus Fighting for the Truth – Satyadvaya and the Debates Provoked by Mi pham`s Nor bu ke ta ka 2012
Viehbeck, Markus Performing Text as Practice Rdza Dpal sprul’s Practice Manual on the Bodhi(sattva)caryāvatāra 2014
van Ess, Margarete
Mehl, Andreas
Zenzen, Nicolas
Wirtschaft im Spannungsfeld zwischen Ost und West Der Handel im östlichen Mittelmeergebiet achaimenidischer Zeit 2013
Urbansky, Sören Auf in die Provinz! Recherchen in Russlands Regionalarchiven 2009
Urbansky, Sören Ausradiert und aufpoliert. Das architektonische Erbe des russischen Harbin 2008

Book on the First Russian Revolution

A new volume on the Russian revolution of 1905 is now available. In the book, this key event in the history of Russia is approached from a transcultural perspective, for the first time. It was co-edited by five scholars, including the two Cluster members Dr. Frank Grüner and Susanne Hohler.