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Below you will find an overview of publications that have emerged from the cluster "Asia and Europe in a Global Context". Titles can be sorted by year and type. A click on the title will take you to the publication's bibliographical information.

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Michaels, Axel Macht und Ohnmacht einer lebenden Göttin – Die Kumārī im politischen Wechsel Nepals 2009
Michaels, Axel Manus Gesetzbuch – aus dem Sanskrit übersetzt und herausgegeben unter Mitarbeit von Anand Mishra 2010
Michaels, Axel Nepal 2009
Michaels, Axel Newar Hybrid Ritual and its Language in Hindu Initiations 2010
Michaels, Axel Nicht alle suchen das Nirwana 2010
Michaels, Axel Performative Tears Emotions in Rituals and Ritualized Emotions 2012
Michaels, Axel Review of From material to deity – Indian Rituals of Consecration by Shingoo Einoo and Jun Takashima eds. 2008
Michaels, Axel Ritual 2010
Michaels, Axel Rituale und ihre Handbücher Beispiele aus Nepal 2008
Michaels, Axel Rituals and Certificates of Rehabilitation in the Nepalese Mulukī Ain 2012
Michaels, Axel Saṃskāras 2010
Michaels, Axel Śiva in Trouble – Festivals and Rituals at the Paśupatinātha Temple of Deopatan (Nepal) 2008
Michaels, Axel Spiritualität Indiens 2012
Michaels, Axel The Grammar of Rituals 2010
Michaels, Axel The practice of classical Hindu law 2010
Michaels, Axel To Whom does the Pashupatinath Temple of Nepal Belong? 2011
Michaels, Axel Wozu Rituale? 2011
Michaels, Axel `Kampfname Der Käpferische’ Nepals maoistischer Premierminister wirbt in Frankfurt für seinen ganz persönlichen dritten Weg 2008
Meurer, Sebastian
Schillinger, Nicolas
Conference Report Migrating Ideas of Governance and Bureaucracy in Asia and Europe since the Early Modern Era 2010 2010
Meurer, Sebastian
Richter, Susan
Roth, Michael
Einleitung Textversionen Editionskommentar und Ziel der Edition 2011

Book on the First Russian Revolution

A new volume on the Russian revolution of 1905 is now available. In the book, this key event in the history of Russia is approached from a transcultural perspective, for the first time. It was co-edited by five scholars, including the two Cluster members Dr. Frank Grüner and Susanne Hohler.