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Below you will find an overview of publications that have emerged from the cluster "Asia and Europe in a Global Context". Titles can be sorted by year and type. A click on the title will take you to the publication's bibliographical information.

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Mittler, Barbara
Wuthenow, Bettina
Rhetorik in Ostasien 2009
Mittler, Barbara
Gehrig, Sebastian
Wemheuer, Felix
Kulturrevolution als Vorbild Maoismen im deutschsprachigen Raum 2008
Mittler, Barbara 8 Stage Works for 800 Million People The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 2010
Mittler, Barbara Against National Style Individualism and Internationalism in New Chinese Music (revisiting Lam Bun-Ching and others) 2008
Mittler, Barbara Der Osten ist rot China und die Suche nach Glück 2008
Mittler, Barbara Kulturrevolution als Propaganda? Der lange Marsch des Maoismus in China 2008
Mittler, Barbara Musik und Identität Die Kulturrevolution und das ‘Ende chinesischer Kultur 2008
Mittler, Barbara National Styles and Asymmetries of Perception Transculturality in Bun-Ching Lam’s Music 2009
Mittler, Barbara Popular Propaganda? Art and Culture in Revolutionary China 2008
Mittler, Barbara Popular Propaganda? Art and Culture in Revolutionary China 2008
Mittler, Barbara Review of Cries of Joy Songs of Sorrow Chinese Pop Music and Its Cultural Connotations by Mark L. Moskowitz 2011
Mittler, Barbara Review of Mediasphere Shanghai The Aesthetics of Cultural Production by Alexander Des Forges 2009
Mittler, Barbara `Von verrückten alten Männern die Berge versetzen wollten` Die Überzeugungskraft der Worte Maos 2008
Mitra, Subrata K. Politics in India Structure Process and Policy 2010
Mitra, Subrata Citizenship as Conceptual Flow A Moveable Feast? 2010
Mitra, Subrata Citizenship as Cultural Flow Structure Agency and Power 2013
Mitra, Subrata Citizenship in India Some Preliminary Results of a National Survey 2010
Mitra, Subrata From comparative politics to cultural flow the hybrid state and resilience of the political system in India 2011
Mitra, Subrata Level Playing Fields The post-colonial state democracy courts and citizenship in India 2008
Mitra, Subrata Symbiosis re-use and evolution administrators politicians citizens and governance in post-colonial India 2010

Book on the First Russian Revolution

A new volume on the Russian revolution of 1905 is now available. In the book, this key event in the history of Russia is approached from a transcultural perspective, for the first time. It was co-edited by five scholars, including the two Cluster members Dr. Frank Grüner and Susanne Hohler.