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MC6 Global Fascism

Global Concepts of Fascism and its Legacies

Coordination: Madeleine Herren-Oesch


During the interwar period, the notion of fascism spread throughout Europe and beyond. People and movements considering themselves fascist or national-socialists appeared not only in every European country without exception, but also in places like India, the Middle East, Canada and Australia. Even today such groups exist all around the globe. Fascism therefore displays a considerable influence on other regions of the world and during periods in time normally not associated with it.
MC6 approaches fascism from a transcultural perspective that means the project focuses on spread of fascism and its impact in different contexts and beyond national and cultural borders. In this context mini-cluster MC6 primarily aims to trace the influence of fascism and in particular varieties of a distinct Russian fascism on Russian thought, from the Russian emigration to the Soviet Union and finally post-soviet Russia.

“Global Fascism” is part of RAB

Cooperation: “Die nationalsozialistische Okkupationspresse in den besetzten Gebieten der Sowjetunion, 1941-1944” [The National Socialist Press in the Occupied Territories of the Soviet Union, 1941-1944“] at the University of Heidelberg


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