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MC4.2 Didactics

The Didactics of Framing, the Framing of Didactics

Coordination: Hans Harder


This subproject addresses two complementary transcultural processes in 20th century
India, namely the framing of a Hindi literary sphere and the mediation of communist
internationalism, with reference to the notion of the paratext as didactic device. The
political projects enabled by any text are directed by the framing that is suggested by
the paratext. This becomes central to the use of the texts by readers and by various
intermediaries, for whom their own roles in the didactic project is set out by the
paratext. For the cases at hand, paratexts played a seminal role. A concerted study
of these directional devices promises new insights into the fashioning of the political
projects enabled through them, and into the communicational mechanisms triggered
by transcultural paratexts.



Hans Harder

Group members

Benjamin Zachariah