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2013 Joan Judge

Our first Visiting Scholar will be Prof. Joan Judge, York University PhD Columbia University 1993.

Professor Judge taught at the University of California, Santa Barbara, before moving to Toronto in 2005 and is currently Associate Professor in the Department of History and the Division of Humanities at York University. She is a cultural historian of modern China with a focus on print culture and women’s history at the turn of the twentieth century.

She studied the journal Funü shibao 婦女時報(The women’s eastern times) intensively, focusing on two related themes: the relationship among discursive, visual, and ideological registers, and more explicitly between texts, photographic modes of representation, and the new Republican ethos; and the emergence of a demographic of women that she calls "Republican Ladies.”


Print and Politics: ‘Shibao’ and the Culture of Reform in Late Qing China (Stanford University Press, 1996).

The Precious Raft of History: The Past, the West, and the Woman Question in China (Stanford University Press, 2008).

Beyond Exemplar Tales: Women’s Biography in Chinese History, (co-edited with Hu Ying)

Multi-year collaborative Project on Quotidian concerns: Everyday knowledge and the rise of the common reader in China, 1860-1940

Her course, co-taught with Sun Liying, will take place from May 14-17.

It is entitled 

Republican Lens: Everyday Knowledge, Gender, and the Periodical Press in Early 20th Century China. How to create and use a database for scholarly work, read more...


I. Using the Database (Joan Judge)

May 14th-17th Readings and Discussions of book manuscript and original readings for  Republican Lens

May 14th: Voßstr. 2, 4400 / R 212a
11-13 Republican Lens Intro. Image, Text, Practice
14-16 Readings with/from the database

May 15th: Voßstr. 2, 4400 / R 212a
11-13 Republican Lens Ch. 1: Everyday Knowledge
16-18 Readings with/from the database

May 16th: Akademiestr. 4-8 / Sino R 102

11-13 Republican Lens Chs. 2: Republican Cosmopolitanism and Ch. 3: Educational Lineages
14-16 Readings with/from the database

May 17th: Voßstr. 2, 4400 / R 212a

9-11 Republican Lens Ch. 4: Sexuality and Visuality, conclusion: Fantasies Of Flight
11-13  Readings with/from the database

II. Refining the Database; Input of New Metadata (Sun Liying)

May 22nd: analysis of articles

May 29th: analysis of images

June 5th: analysis of advertisements

June 12th: tagging and searching

June 19th: summary

Course Content

As an important form of "digital humanities,” scientific databases can greatly support innovative scholarly research, and are thus increasingly valued in the academic world. This course offers MA and advanced BA students with a good command of Chinese an opportunity to learn how to work on/with a scientific database. We will take the database "Chinese Women's Magazines in the Late Qing and Early Republican Period" ( as an example, learning how to process text and images, how to collect and analyse metadata, how to define research potential, how to communicate with IT experts and give constructive feed-backs to improve the functionality of the database. The course will consist of 15 team sessions (90 minutes), and 15 individual work assignments. After the semester, well trained students will have chance to continue working on the database.
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