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Atlas of Shrines

This project hopes to create an interactive multimedia atlas of South Asia's Sufi shrines. Through the movement of pilgrims and what images/ephemera they buy, we try to look at the flow of visual/printed material going to and fro between shrines and regions. A specific multimedia module we are working on is a map of Delhi/India/South Asia showing the location of specific shrines and the connections between them in terms of the routes followed by different pilgrims and how images and information flows between them, especially through posters, smaller prints and now the videos. An interesting link we have found for instance is between 3 zones – Lucknow/Deva, Delhi and Ajmer, where most of the pilgrims visit. Many images and media discourses from the three shrines travel between each other and make a complex geographical as well as ritualistic connection for the pilgrims. We explored more research and documentation work conducted by other scholars on specific Sufi shrines and trying to connect them to our theme. At least one study worth mentioning here is the research/documentation work by Subah Dayal and Suzanne Schulze for Tasveer Ghar, titled Outside the Imambara: The Circulation of Devotional Images in Greater Lucknow, available on the webpage: