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HRA9 Satellites of Networks

Transcultural Image Database project "Satellites of Networks" - RE3.10/08 Brosius

Coordination: Christiane Brosius, Yousuf Saeed


Transcultural Image Database project "Satellites of Networks" - RE3.10/08 Brosius

This project seeks to survey how the popular print culture around the Sufi shrine of Nizamuddin in Delhi respond to the changes brought about by urbanization, movement of pilgrims, new media, and competition from more reformist tableeghi and Wahhabi ideologues in the vicinity, and how the cultural flows between different institutions, sects, ideologies and geographic regions affect the asymmetries?

The shrine of Chishti saint Nizamuddin Aulia (d. 1325), located in India’s capital New Delhi, is one of the most popular Muslim pilgrimage centres in South Asia, attracting thousands of pilgrims of many faiths from all over India and abroad. The area around the shrine is also a kaleidoscope of popular and devotional visual culture, comprising of colourful posters, street graffiti, banners, and little shops selling printed images, chapbooks, talisman, precious stones, cloth hangings, and clocks with devotional iconography, besides a plethora of other visual ephemera, reflecting not only a diversity but sometimes a conflict of religious ideologies and institutions being promoted in the locality. This interdisciplinary and multi-media project seeks to not only document the richness of this contemporary visual culture, but also study the dynamics of ideological differences depicted in the media, besides the cultural flows generated by pilgrims visiting from across India as well as south Asia and the world. Besides an international workshop at Heidelberg and a series of articles, the project will result in a multimedia presentation bringing together images, videos, sounds and maps of the region.

Parts of the findings of this project were already presented in a talk at the Max Mueller Bhawan/Goethe Institut, New Delhi on 22nd January 2010.
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