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Coordinator: Jörg Gengnagel

View HyperImage Reader Kāśīdarpaṇa (22.10.2010 - beta)

This HyperImage project is the relaunch of a website published in 2001 by the Vārāṇasī Research Project of the South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University. The existing data of the interactive map “Kailāsanātha Sukula's Mirror of Kāśī (Kāśīdarpaṇa, 1876). A Historical Map of Vārāṇasī based on the Kāśīkhaṇḍa and related Texts” have been converted to Unicode standard (utf-8) and are presented as HyperImage application. This urgent update aims to grant long term accessibility as well as the inclusion into the transvisual and translingual databases of the Heidelberg Research Architecture. The HyperImage application allows the introduction of new features like grouping of items (specific gods, water places, processions etc.), the interactive and individual design of “light tables” or a far more advanced search function.   

For the old website please see  
For the relaunch using HyperImage please see Kāśīdarpaṇa

Pilot projects

Public Leader (2009)
Mothers and Fathers of the Nation (2009)

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