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The Cluster-project HyperEvaluation

Within the start-up project "Archiving Mothers and Fathers of the Nation" the need arosed for a tool allowing more advanced linking of images, commenting and new means of visualisation. Based on material within the Cluster's Image Database, the project begun to use the tool HyperImage to define "visual itineraries", "Bilderketten" or groups of images, by interlinking and annotating them. As a consequence, the project HyperEvaluation was started, to not only promote the use of the tool, but also to evaluate possible ways for further developing it.

The project has three parts:
a) development of a Web Service interface of the image database to allow for the communication between HyperImage and the Cluster's Image Database (HeidICON)
b) implementation of enhanced search possibilities for retrieving images (proof-of-concept)
c) evaluation of possible ways of further development of the tool, i.e. notes and discussion, SVG-import, network-visualisation (evaluation report)