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The WSC project

The research project "Wissenschaftssprache Chinesisch / Modern Chinese Scientific Terminologies - The distribution of Western Knowledge in Late Imperial China" is an international effort to understand the translation of Western sciences and philosophies into China through the reconstruction of Chinese terminologies coined since the early nineteenth century.  

The WSC project has been supported by the Volkswagen Foundation since December 1996. It was started simultaneously at the East Asian Department of the University of Göttingen and the Study Group for the History and Philosophy of Chinese Science and Technology at Technische Universität Berlin. It was continued at the Department of Middle Eastern and Far Eastern Languages and Cultures at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg in October 2000.

Since February 2010, it is located at the Cluster Asia and Europe at Heidelberg University, where the data is being revised and enlarged, external resources are integrated, and a more definitive structure for the portal as well as user-friendly interface are being designed. A second stage will be devoted to consolidating data gathered at Heidelberg and in cooperation with international partners, refining the tools of analysis, and adapting solutions developed here to the purposes and needs of other projects, throughout the Cluster and beyond. Researches associated with the WSC-Project are based in Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Erlangen, Göttingen, Shanghai, Peking, Paris, Oslo, Winnersh (UK), Osaka, Rome, Leuven, Hong Kong, and elsewhere.