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Cooperation Projects Within and Without the Cluster

A3 Networking

Coordinators: Madeleine Herren-Oesch, Marcus Nüsser, Rudolf G. Wagner
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In this project several editions of the Handbook of International Organisations are compared to analyse what the project envisaged as the “widely acceptable, but always controversial global ‘language’”. The results of this comparison are then fed into the LONSEA-Database. All Handbooks have been scanned and full-text digitized with the help of the OCR program. The QuotationFinder can now be used by members of the project to compare the different editions. The program highlights factual changes, additions to the content, or terminological differences between two or more editions of the Handbook. Besides that it also facilitates the search for errors resulting from the OCR process. Following the needs of this project, QuotationFinder was further developed enabling the comparison of strings shorter than a sub-clause (n-Grams). 

B12 Rethinking Trends

Coordinator: Jennifer Altehenger, Lena Henningsen, Jennifer May
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We support members of this group in digitizing and comparing different Chinese translations of children’s literature (Pippi Langstrumpf, Petra Thiel) or plagiarisms of such translations (Tolkien’s Hobbit and its Chinese plagiarisms, Lena Henningsen). In both projects, the QuotationFinder not only enables the comparison of versions of whole texts (a task that before could only be undertaken in random samples of single pages as it would have taken several days of work to do it manually), but generates reliable data (such as "73% of all clauses are the same in both versions" instead of vague statements like "large amounts of text were copied") as to how similar these versions are. 

D11 Hidden Grammars

Coordinators: Madeleine Herren, Barbara Mittler
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After full text digitization of exemplary encyclopaedia both manually and through OCR programs, the QuotationFinder will facilitate close comparison of large amounts of encyclopaedic texts. So far, this comparison is limited to texts written in the same language. It will be evaluated in how far translingual text comparison aided by bilingual thesauri and/or machine translation systems yields meaningful results; thus we could even further support the research of this project that focuses among others on how Asian and European encyclopaedia influenced each other by mutual translation/adaption. 

Roberta Tontini (Graduate School)

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In her PhD project, Roberta Tontini analyses several versions of the Muslim Sanzijing and tries to trace their contents and phrases to sources of Classical Chinese learning. We support her efforts to digitize and transform the versions of the Sanzijing. Afterwards, QuotationFinder may be used for two tasks: comparing the different versions to each other and finding classical quotations within each Sanzijing.