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Future Development

New Functions

  • Bigram Expansion: Find quotations of any length
  • Paraphrase Detection: Find quotations even if they contain synonyms, differences in spelling, etc.
  • Quotation Search: Find quotations through semantic markers, not only through string matching
  • QuotationFinder as Database Plugin: Enable users to compare texts from within a database
  • Translingual Text Comparison: Find quotations in different languages
  • Author Analysis/Authorship Attribution: Calculate measures like sentence length, degree of nestedness, use of function words, etc. to create an author's "profile"
  • Popular Phrases Search: Build a ranking of the most frequent phrases used in a text collection

Additional Features

  • Comparison with several collections at the same time
  • User can choose if punctuation should be considered in the comparison or not
  • Better text view display for vocabulary size feature
  • Additional functions in the menu: "New Project", "Download Collection", "Export Collection"
  • Automatic language recognition
  • User can define his own default settings
  • User should be allowed to input stop words used for filtering 


  • Make the program faster
  • Use less memory capacity

Improvement of User-Friendliness

  • Shortcuts
  • Cut, copy, paste
  • Status messages, progress bar
  • Save last selected filepath and open file chooser there
  • More error messages with suggestions what to do