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General Features

  • Comparison of one text with one or several other texts
  • Comparison of all the pairs in a text collection
  • Bilingual sentence alignment
  • Indexing of HTML, PDF, DOC, RTF, and TXT files



  • Bilingual sentence alignment  


  • New user-friendly GUI
  • Better integration of the indexing process
  • New comparison tool: TextCollectionAnalyzer
  • Quotation search based on n-Grams



  • Generation of statistical output
  • Export of results as tab delimited text file
  • Bug fix: various errors on GUI
  • Bug fix: generation of wrong words through error in text extraction of txt files



  • HTML output in two frames enabling direct comparison of quotation and original context
  • Bug fix: resulting zip file only contain files, not nested directories
  • Bug fix: delete temp directory after saving result



  • Indexing and finding PDF, DOC, RTF files
  • Automatic encoding recognition of HTML, PDF, and DOC files
  • Add files to existing index
  • Open button on result window



  • Automatic encoding recognition in HTML documents



  • Graphical User Interface for Desktop-Program
  • Indexing of PDF, DOC, RTF documents
  • Automatic encoding recognition in PDF, DOC documents
  • Limit comparison by metadata
  • Add metadata to index
  • Add documents to existing index
  • Save or discard result
  • Result saved as zip-file