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The following section contains high quality indices to publicly available document collections. These can be imported into the QuotationFinder Library (see Tutorial for details) and used for comparison with a user-defined text.

Collection: 毛泽东著作 (Works of Mao Zedong)

Source: 毛泽东天地,

Date: February 5, 2009

Contents: 毛泽东选集, 毛泽东文集, 毛泽东军事文选, 毛泽东外 交文选, 毛泽东新闻工作文选, 毛泽东诗词, 毛泽东语录, 毛泽东书信选集, 毛泽东著作选读, 建国以来毛泽东文稿

Download: Works of Mao (33 MB)  

Test Data (12 MB) - This zip archive contains example documents for finding quotations or comparing text pairs.

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