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We would like to thank the developers of the following open source tools:

  • NetBeans: an integrated development environment
  • Lucene: a text search engine library
  • HTML Parser: a library used to parse HTML in either a linear or nested fashion
  • PDFBox: a library for working with PDF documents  
  • Apache POI: a library for handling Microsoft Office documents 
  • JFreeChart: a library for building charts
  • Swing Application Framework: a small set of Java classes that simplify building desktop applications
  • SwingWorker: a library supporting multi-threading in GUI applications  
  • Commons IO: a library of utilities to assist with developing IO functionality
  • Commons Logging: a bridge between different logging implementations
  • JCommon: miscellaneous classes supporting text utilities, user interface classes for displaying information about applications, etc. 
  • FontBox: a library for parsing font files and providing low level data structures for accessing font information
  • Maligna: a bilingual text aligner.Special thanks go to Jarek Lipski, the developer of Maligna, who patiently answered all our questions regarding the use of Maligna.
  • HMTable: a java class for specialized table design