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HRA4 QuotationFinder

A Tool for Text Comparison

Coordination: Barbara Mittler, Jennifer May, Peter Gietz, Anette Frank


Screenshot: Quotation Finder

Screenshot: Quotation Finder

QuotationFinder is a java-program for the comparison of one text to another text or a textual corpus, in order to find intertextual references, such as citations, plagiarisms or innuendos. On the one hand users are able to trace individual references back to their original contexts or detect plagiarized texts, on the other hand the program generates a statistical overview of the frequency of matches. Through the use of optical character recognition programs, texts in print can be made evaluable for QuotationFinder. The cooperation with partner projects in the cluster helps to optimize the already running version of QuotationFinder and adapt it to specific requirements of these projects. Further functions for comparison and evaluation of texts such as paraphrase recognition or translingual text comparison may be included in the future.

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