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HRA3 Visual Database Enhancement

Position of a coordinator for the visual database

Coordination: Christiane Brosius, Thomas Maissen, Barbara Mittler, Raphael Rosenberg, Melanie Trede


Screenshot: Image database

Screenshot: Image database

This HRA project was established on the initiative of five Professors conducting research on and with visual resources at the Cluster. It established the position of a "Cluster coordinator for the visual database" to provide a general communication within the project and to serve as an intermediary to the HRA as well as to existing and potential project partners.

The position is held by Matthias Arnold who is actively involved in a number of Cluster projects whose research also includes visual resources. The main tasks include the coordination of all works related to adding images and metadata to the image database, conceptualisation of enhanced features for research with and about images to develop new functionality together with the HRA team, supervision of the MediaLab and digitisation projects, coordination of visual databases development outside the image database, and preparation and conducting of workshops and training sessions.

Project Status


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