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HRA1 Restructuring the Conceptual Field

Restructuring the conceptual field: The notion and status of the ‘political’ in the East Asian modernization processes 1850–2007 (pilot project)

Coordination: Rudolf G. Wagner


Pilot study to develop viability and feasibility of a research on global dimension of translingual concepts, prepare ground for professorship in intellectual history. Focus: The concept of the ‘political’. Core areas in first stage: Europe, East Asia. Procedure: Two graduate students work 12 months, one Ass. Prof. work 50% for 12 months (from Institute of Chinese Studies), one Prof. (Applicant) word 20% for 12 months. One workshop. Outcome: parameters for framework for database on translingual concepts; bibliographical information on TC together with scans of articles; data collections of both normative and corpus texts; publishable study.

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Rudolf G. Wagner

Group members

Matthias Liehr
Mareike Ohlberg

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