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HRA2 Global Heroes

Archiving Mothers and Fathers of the Nation in Europe and Asia: Developing a Digitized Prototype of Braided Pictorial Histories (pilot project)

Coordination: Barbara Mittler, Sumathi Ramaswamy, Christiane Brosius, Thomas Maissen


Announcement of the online exhibition

Announcement of the online exhibition

This pilot project aimed at supporting the cluster's agenda in two ways:

1. In testing the ground for innovative ways of using in particular the Transcultural Image Database for research and outside communication and to develop metadata for transcultural usage.
2. By starting to think about ways of connecting several project initiatives of Research Areas A and B within a concrete and prototypical case study that connects concepts of the nation(-state) and globalised heroes and transcultural icons in the context of anthropomorphic figures (allegories) of the nation in Europe and Asia.

In the initial stage, modern and early modern forms of national iconography were addressed (Europe, India, China).

The material was collected and annotated in the image database after a successful evaluation of the HeidICON database. Research results were presented in visual essays and an Online Exhibition. The opening of the Online Exhibition was celebrated on December 8, 2009, at the Karl-Jaspers-Centre in the presence of the Dean of the Philosophische Fakultät, Prof. Dr. Löwe and the Directors of the Cluster of Excellence.

Project Status

Completed. The pilot project started in February 2008 and was concluded with an Online Exhibition in December 2009.  

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