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GECCA acknowledgements

Franziska Koch would like to thank Martin Geisler for his initial idea of setting-up the data base and for his continuous technical support and on-going creative enthusiasm as well as patience with a private research tool that grew out of its planned humble proportions.

It is thanks to the generous and joint efforts of the HRA team, notably Jens Østergård Petersen, Eric Decker, Matthias Arnold and Kilian Schultes that GECCA gained public visibility in the form of GECCA mapped. Their patient counseling, inspiring brainstorms and technical expertise helped the project fly. Further thanks go to Monica Juneja (Chair of Global Art History) and Birgit Kellner (Chair of Buddhist Studies), who warmly encouraged this pilot-project and provided the necessary institutional support.

Last, but not least, thanks are due to Timo Holste for his work as a student assistant, who diligently and reliably searched for and filled in missing data to make GECCA mapped the hopefully pleasant user experience and helpful research tool it seeks to be.