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Epistemology and Argumentation in South Asia and Tibet

Coordination: Birgit Kellner, Manuel Batsching, Jens Østergaard Petersen


This project is a part of D16, "Reasoning in South Asian and Tibetan Buddhism". It aims to contribute to a better understanding of the transcultural dynamics of intellectual traditions and practices, with a focus on epistemology and argumentation in South Asia and Tibet.

EAST covers primarily ideas and methods which were propagated and developed by thinkers affiliated with a school of thought initiated by Dignāga (ca. 480-540 CE) and Dharmakīrti (ca. 600-660 CE) that investigates the foundations of reasoning within the overarching framework of epistemology or pramāṇavāda, the analysis of instruments of valid cognition. The rich body of knowledge produced by the Dignāga-Dharmakīrti tradition in India became appropriated in Tibet approximately beginning with the 9th century, as a result of the introduction of Buddhism.

Building up on a number of database prototypes that will now be integrated into a comprehensive resource, EAST compiles and presents bibliographical, prosopographical and terminological information on philosophers and their works, on key concepts and on argument patterns.
Primary sources in fulltext (Sanskrit, Classical Tibetan) will also be made available wherever copyright permits.

In its current and initial phase (2010-2012), EAST focuses on Buddhist traditions in South Asia while developing suitable data structures and building up an infrastructure within the Cluster’s emerging metadata framework conceived and implemented by the HRA. These structures and the accompanying collaborative entry and update mechanisms are to lay the foundation for the future expansion of the project to Tibet, thus allowing us to trace the migration of theories and practices of reasoning across the Himalayas.

The project website is available under http://east.uni-hd.de/.

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