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Data Sets

On this page we provide pointers to data sets that were published by the HRA.

Cataloging Cultural Objects - Sample Records

The work “Cataloging Cultural Objects - a Guide to Describing Cultural Works and Their Images”(CCO) [1] provides a data content standard for catalogers of cultural heritage, and is further supported by the online examples provided on CCO Commons [2]. A completed project of the Heidelberg Research Architecture at Universität Heidelberg has focused on providing the CCO Commons examples encoded in the VRA Core 4.0 XML metadata schema. Records make use of the multilingual extension of the VRA Core 4 [3]. This was done with the intent of aiding comprehension through these XML examples by publishing the data set on GitHub [4]. At the DARIAH-DE Grand Tour 2018 [5] a Poster about the project was presented by Agnes Dober. [6]

Download data set.

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