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The Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA)

The Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA) focuses on digital humanities research, implementation and teaching. We offer project consultation and trainings for researchers and students. We also support digital resource development throughout the whole life-cycle of research data, and maintain a small MediaLab. As a cooperation partner at local, national, and international level we work together with partners from the public as well as the private sector. We are committed to Open Science, and strive to make data, research, and code available to the public wherever possible.

Over the last years we were actively involved in a number of different projects. To get an overview about our previous projects please have a look at the “Projects” section.

The result of many projects was some kind of digital output, which can be everything from a little .kmz file to full fledged databases. If you are interested in learning more about results from digital research, please have a look into the “Digital Output” section.

The HRA also offers a number of services, both technical and practical. For more information please have a look into the “Services” section.

HRA related films

Cluster Members produced various HRA-related films. You can find them here.



You find us in the office at the KJC, ground floor, room 005b. We recommend to make an appointment with us  by email hra@hcts.uni-heidelberg.de or by phone +49 (0) 6221 - 54 4094.


Matthias Arnold
Claudius Teodorescu

Former members:
Eric Decker
Matthias Guth
Heinz-Günter Kuper
Jens Ostergaard Peterson
Dulip Withanage