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Past Projects

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Turkology Annual Online

Digital output
The project was a collaboration between Islamic Studies of the Department of Languages and Cultures of the Near East, the Department of Computational Linguistics, and the Heidelberg Research Architecture at the Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe. It received funding from the Cluster 2009-10 and was active through 2013. It digitized the first 26 printed volumes of "Turkologischer Anzeiger" (Turkology Annual), created an OCR'ed text version and developed a methodology to enhance automatically extraction of structured data from this kind of multilingual text resource. The results are published in an online database.

Chinese Women's Magazines from the Late Qing and Early Republican Periods

Digital output
Project/Platform: A New Approach to the Popular Press in China. Gender and Cultural Production, 1904-1937.  & “Chinese Women’s Magazines”
The database has been created to facilitate research on the project's instrument and object of investigation: the commercial periodical press, a new medium that dominated the contemporary print market and became one of the prime sites for the dissemination of knowledge and the production of culture in early twentieth century China. In particular, our focus is on four seminal women's or gendered journals-a key genre of the new media-published between 1904 and 1937. They include 女子世界 Nüzi shijie (Women's World, 1904-07), 婦女時報 Funü shibao (The Women's Eastern Times, 1911-17), 婦女雜誌 Funü zazhi (The Ladies' Journal, 1915-31), and 玲瓏 Linglong (Elegance, 1931-37).

For the follow-up project please visit Early Chinese Periodicals Online (ECPO).