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Student projects

In our seminars we encourage students to conduct their own small- and medium scale research work. Our classes therefore comprise extensive project phases in which participants get the chance to grow into a fully fledged "community of researchers". Undergraduate research at the chair of Visual and Media Anthropology is supposed to cover all steps of a full scale anthropological research project. By so doing our students do not only learn about current research in visual anthropology but at the same time develop their own research skills and techniques by undertaking their own research and inquiry.

Cultures of Photography

Discussing original photographs at Folkwang Museum, June 23, 2016

Film projects

Picture by S. Ewald

Ethnographic Photograhy

Picture by by M. Berthold


Picture by S. Eckert, F. Degefu, and S. Herzog

Visual Essays

Picture by S. Herzog, V. Flörchinger, G. Jamalzahie

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