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PI 2: Respectability (Melissa Butcher, The Open University)

Through a study of the spaces and mobility of single women in Delhi, this subproject explores in more depth the intersection between transforming city space, class and gender to further understand transcultural encounter in contemporary India.


Accordingly, the respectability-project research objectives are:


  • To analyse intersections of class, gender and cultural encounter in Delhi, using ‘respectability’ to bring together discourses of colonialism, nationalism, globalisation and gendered space use;
  • To analyse new forms of mobility and the possibility of cultural encounter, as they impact on single women’s experience of the city and boundaries of respectability;
  • Identifying strategies used to navigate the city and transform representations and practices of gender and class.  


PI 2: Dr. Melissa Butcher - Individual Project Description

PhD candidate: Maddalena Chiellini - Individual Project Description

Department of Geography

The Open University

United Kingdom